Nov 172011

Bradley Boulevard (MD 191) is used by many cyclists riding into downtown Bethesda from the west.  East of Seven Locks Road it has semi-decent shoulders for the most part, even if they sometimes dwindle to almost nothing.  Unfortunately the shoulders can be plagued with maintenance problems.  I sent the following list of needed fixes to the State Highway Administration to address.  (Thanks Steve Friedman for the photos!)


  • There is a stretch of gravel or other loose material  in the shoulder just west of Burning Tree Rd heading westbound. I think it’s been there quite awhile.
  • There is vegetation blocking the shoulder between Burdette Rd and Oak Forest Lane, heading westbound


  • There is a bad patch job near 6704 Bradley  (just west of Fernwood Rd) heading eastbound. A short time ago this was a gravelly patch from the driveway I believe. Check for both.
  • There’s another bad patch job at the manhole cover just west (north) of English Court, heading eastbound (southbound).
  • There is a small but deadly pothole in the shoulder just east (south) of English Court, heading eastbound (southbound).
  • There is some kind of sidewalk construction at Brite Dr, heading eastbound (southbound). Construction-related items (cones, asphalt, whatever) were blocking the shoulder last time I checked.

Some residents continue to rake big leaf piles onto the shoulder.  This is unlawful and dangerous.  Anyone who wants to take on that issue please contact me!

Long term, the county is looking to improve Bradley between Wilson Lane to Goldsboro by making the shoulders a consistent 5′ wide, adding a shared use path to the north (west) side, and adding a sidewalk to the other side.  The 5′ shoulders might be marked as bike lanes.  Shortly after this Bethesda Patch article on the project was published, the project was approved by the County Council with the 5′ shoulders instead of the 4′ recommended by the county (thanks to the input of bicyclists who insisted on the extra foot).  Approved doesn’t really mean approved until it’s funded, so it may be awhile before it actually gets built and it could still be canceled.

Jack Cochrane
Chair, MoBike

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  1. Probably the biggest issue with Bradley Blvd. for cyclists is that it’s unclear if one should ride on the shoulder, with its meandering widths, or on the road and face the ire of drivers who see a big chunk of shoulder that they think you should be using.

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