Feb 292012
Finding money to build the CCT tunnel

Environmental consultant Steve Offutt proposes a solution for building the Capital Crescent Trail tunnel under Wisconsin Ave  that would save money by replacing the Air Rights and Apex buildings with more valuable buildings now rather than when the buildings reach their typical lifespan.  The solution relies on the engineering assumption that the buildings could be replaced less expensively during Purple Line construction rather than after the Purple Line is already in place.  The two buildings sit on top of the existing tunnel (hence air rights) and are the main reason it would cost $51 million to keep the trail in the tunnel with the rail line.  Mr. Offutt”s solution presumes that newer, bigger (taller) buildings with more direct Metro access […]

Feb 252012

Gail Tait-Nouri, the bicycle coordinator for the Montgomery County Department of Transportation, just retired.  She has been a tremendous boon for bicycling in the county throughout her many years of service as coordinator.  She’s advocated for cyclists within county government and served as an excellent liaison between DOT and the bike community.  And she’s never been afraid to say or do what she thinks is right. Her supervisor, Aruna Miller, is also supportive of bicycling, but she is currently on a leave of absence because she’s a state delegate serving in Annapolis for another month or so.  In the mean time DOT has assigned Robert Elder to cover for Gail as far as immediate work is concerned. (May 25 2012 update: Ms. Miller has […]

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Feb 212012

I’ve made some updates and corrections to the CycleMoco gory budget analysis based on discussions with county staff.  These are already reflected in the post. Frederick Road Bike Path – This budget item is for full construction, not just a design or study.  It’s not a very long path however (from Shawnee Lane to Wimms Rd in front of Clarksburg High School, maybe a little further).  It is funded mostly with a state contribution. Bethesda Bike/Pedestrian Facilties – The only remaining portion is the trail along Bethesda Ave, Willow Lane and through Elm Street Park, which is awaiting Lot 31 development, probably by FY15. MD 355 Crossing (tunnel at Medical Center Metro) – This incredibly expensive BRAC project is not […]

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Feb 202012
Support the county's Annual Bikeway Program!

The Montgomery County Annual Bikeway Program (ABP) needs your support! Update (March 10, 2012):  WABA and MoBike just officially asked the County Executive for a 50% increase to this program.  That would bring it to $825K.  The budget is actually out of his hands, but he can affirm his support. Cyclists, please write to the County Council asking them to maintain current funding of this program. Councilmembers, please listen to the cyclists writing to you! The ABP is a critical county program that funds small scale bikeway improvements, design work and planning studies related to bikes.  Individual projects funded by the ABP must cost less than $300,000. The ABP is highly cost-effective because it makes many small but important fixes.  […]

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Feb 092012

Here’s a break-down of bike projects in the county executive’s proposed 2013-2018 capital budget (CIP).  This doesn’t include items in the operating budget (such as maintenance and sweeping) and doesn’t include paths built as part of new or improved roads. (This table is a slight revision of the original post, reflecting these corrections). Project/program FY13 FY14 FY15-18 Change Comment More info Annual Bikeway Program 500K 500K 500K per year Cut by 9% – Save this program! Funds small projects and studies.  Very important, cost-effective.  Website Metropolitan Branch Trail 0 0 0 Removed from budget (was $12M) – Need to restore it! Link CCT via bridge across Ga. Ave. to existing MBT by Mont. College. County says it will still build […]