Feb 212012

I’ve made some updates and corrections to the CycleMoco gory budget analysis based on discussions with county staff.  These are already reflected in the post.

  • Frederick Road Bike Path – This budget item is for full construction, not just a design or study.  It’s not a very long path however (from Shawnee Lane to Wimms Rd in front of Clarksburg High School, maybe a little further).  It is funded mostly with a state contribution.
  • Bethesda Bike/Pedestrian Facilties – The only remaining portion is the trail along Bethesda Ave, Willow Lane and through Elm Street Park, which is awaiting Lot 31 development, probably by FY15.
  • MD 355 Crossing (tunnel at Medical Center Metro) – This incredibly expensive BRAC project is not a bike project so has been removed from the list.
  • Silver Spring Green Trail – This will be built as part of the Purple Line, possibly in FY16.

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