Mar 162012
New Maryland bike initiative, with funding!

The state has created a new bike program called Cycle Maryland.  It looks very encouraging.  In keeping with its secrecy in goverment policy, the state did this without telling too many people, at least not MoBike.  But we’ll take it! Part of Cycle Maryland is a bikeway “retrofit” program that will fund local projects costing under $100K each.  Counties and cities are supposed to request funding for specific projects.  However this year the county was given only one week’s notice to come up with projects!  As a result we ended up with just signage projects,  i.e. signing existing bike routes, mostly streets.  I personally suggested more robust improvements (in the 3 days notice I had) including upgrading the Bethesda Trolley Trail by White Flint Metro, providing better […]

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Mar 122012

Local bike advocate Steve Friedman wrote the following piece for this blog about aggressive driving on Bradley Boulevard in Bethesda and his recent experience with the Montgomery County Police Department.  Steve is a member of the Montgomery County Pedestrian, Bicycle and Traffic Safety Advisory Committee, which meets monthly and reports to the County Executive.  In fact he’s the designated bike representative on the committee. From Steve: As a regular bike commuter, I have spent time seeking out the safest yet fastest route to use on my daily ride between my home in Chevy Chase and my office on Executive Blvd.  My usual route is to take Bradley to Seven Locks Rd to Tuckerman Lane and cut through a neighborhood street […]

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Mar 092012
U.S. Senate Transportation Bill amended to include biking/walking funds

Dedicated federal funding for biking and walking has been under assault this year in Congress.    Some Republican lawmakers have tried to eliminate the Transportation Enhancements (TE) program, the Safe Routes to Schools program, and the Recreational Trails program from the transportation reauthorization bill ( HR 7).  The TE program has funded the extremely useful Bethesda Trolley Trail bridges and the Rock Creek Trail bridge over Veirs Mill Rd.  Without this money many states would drastically cut bike/ped projects.  James Inhofe (R-OK), the lead Republican negotiator on the bill, declared that one of his top priorities for the transportation bill is to eliminate “frivolous spending for bike trails.” But things are looking up!  The Senate has accepted the Cardin-Cochran Amendment to its […]

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Mar 082012

Montgomery County must find a replacement for its retired bike coordinator.  Here’s the job posting: Position: Bicycle Coordinator Experience: No more than 5 years.  No burned out coordinators please. Salary:  Take the salary of the average planner, then cut by 25%. Requirements:  Applicant must be able to: Bike to the office Work long hours Deal with irate drivers Educate engineers Rebut police reports Grovel for funding Convince management that bikes aren’t toys Somehow get bike advocates to work together Benefits: Satisfaction that you’ve made your community a little bit better.

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