Apr 142012

Since we’re talking about the width of bike lanes next to parking, here are some Montgomery County streets with bike lanes next to parking.  I give the combined bike lane+parking width for each.  Where I break it down, I give the parking lane width first.

  • Battery Lane from Old Georgetown Rd to Woodmont Ave – 13′ (8′ + 5′).
    • Travel lanes are 11′ wide.  Parking is allowed only one one side of the street.  The bike lane on the non-parking side is 5′ wide including gutter.
  • Cedar Street in Silver Spring – 13′.
    • It’s a one-way street northbound and the bike lane is “contraflow”, allowing cyclists to travel in the opposite direction.  Passengers exiting parked cars will be facing the rider, improving visibility. Silver Spring Trails notes, “We can probably get away with being in the door zone on this block, because this is a quiet residential parking area where parking activity is minimal. If this were an active commercial zone with constant parking turnover this would be a greater problem. Overall, cyclists should be much safer riding south on this street in the new counter-flow bike lane.” 
  • Nelson Lane from MD28 to Woodley Gardens Park – 10’8″ (6’8″ + 4′).
    • While usable, the bike lane does not meet any standards.  The road is downhill, so I personally just take the lane.
  • Tilden Lane in North Bethesda– 12′ (7′ + 5′).
    • The street previously had no bike lanes and cyclists rode in the parking area except to pass parked cars.  Some local riders are vigorously fighting the bike lane configuration, which was also supposed to include a 4′ bike lane on the other side of the street.  But due to painting errors, that bike lane is less than 4′ wide and so it can’t be marked as a bike lane.
  • Woodmont Avenue from Elm St to Bethesda Ave –  12’6″ to 13′  (with 8′ devoted to parking).  There is high parking turnover and frequent obstacles in the bike lanes.  Traffic is slow so there’s little need to use them, but some people prefer to do so.  Previously it had a 14′ travel/parking lane (no bike lane), but when the bike lane was added cyclists ended up with less space.
  • Calverton Boulevard – 12′  as I recall.

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