May 292012
Woodglen Drive photos

As a follow-up to the prior discussion of Woodglen Drive, here are some photos of Woodglen Drive.  The dimensions are supposedly 20′ on each side, with an 8′ center two-way turn lane (TWTL).

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May 282012
Strathmore improvements needed

Various gaps need to be filled in on the bike route along Rt. 355 between Tuckerman Lane and Strathmore Ave, and on Strathmore Ave (MD 547) between Rt. 355 and Kenilworth Ave.  The gaps consist of either unsuitable sidewalk or marginal shoulder.  Here I discuss the gaps and how to fix them.  The route serves Metro and is part of a much longer bike route, a 12-mile signed route from Potomac to White Oak.  Most of that longer route is on-road, but some consists of off-road paths. Skip to the bottom of this post for a summary of what must be fixed. For the first 200 feet north of the Rt. 355/Tuckerman Lane intersection (i.e. Grosvenor-Strathmore Metro), the route is just a […]

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May 262012

The Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA) sent an alert out a few days ago asking bicyclists to press the Montgomery County Department of Transportation to fill the vacant bike coordinator position.  As a result, many cyclists contacted MCDOT and we just received formal commitment from MCDOT that they will fill the position.  Director Art Holmes just responded with this note: Ms. Aruna Miller, MCDOT Division of Transportation Engineering is assigned as the full-time Acting Bicycle Coordinator.  Ms. Miller who has been providing support to the biking community and organization since the departure of Ms. Tait-Nouri will remain in the aforementioned position pending selection of a permanent replacement for Ms. Tait-Nouri.  This appointment is expected in the summer of 2012. Success here […]

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May 242012
Woodglen Drive bike lanes

Montgomery County is deciding how to install bike lanes on Woodglen Drive in North Bethesda (or is it South Rockville?).  Woodglen is the site of part of the Bethesda Trolley Trail, which runs in fits and starts from downtown Bethesda to the Twinbrook Metro station in Rockville. The bike lanes would be in addition to the trail, not a replacement for the trail.   The entire White Flint area is being rebuilt as part of the county’s ambitious effort to create an urban community centered around White Flint Metro.  Bicycling is intended to be a large part of that.  See some photos of the existing configuration here. The street is 48 feet wide.  The county’s initial design is as follows (from […]

May 102012
PROS (Park Recreation and Open Space) Plan hearing on May 24th

The Montgomery County Planning Board is holding a public hearing on the draft 2012 Park Recreation and Open Space (PROS) Plan on Thursday May 24, 2012.  This plan includes important elements related to hard surface and natural surface trails in the parks.  The plan addresses the mission of our parks, priorities, upcoming projects, park budgets, and more.  According to the Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC), the primary purpose of the Plan is to: provide guidance regarding recreation facility needs in the county for the next 10 years. recommend priorities for important natural and historic/cultural areas in Montgomery County that need to be preserved and interpreted. provide input to area and park master plans regarding the need for public parkland and […]

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