May 262012

The Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA) sent an alert out a few days ago asking bicyclists to press the Montgomery County Department of Transportation to fill the vacant bike coordinator position.  As a result, many cyclists contacted MCDOT and we just received formal commitment from MCDOT that they will fill the position.  Director Art Holmes just responded with this note:

Ms. Aruna Miller, MCDOT Division of Transportation Engineering is assigned as the full-time Acting Bicycle Coordinator.  Ms. Miller who has been providing support to the biking community and organization since the departure of Ms. Tait-Nouri will remain in the aforementioned position pending selection of a permanent replacement for Ms. Tait-Nouri.  This appointment is expected in the summer of 2012.

Success here is actually a culmination of several weeks of effort by WABA, MoBike, county committees (MCBAG and the Pedestrian, Bicycle and Traffic Safety Advisory Committee), elected officials and many individuals to press for commitment MCDOT to hire a new coordinator.  With BikeShare is coming to the county, there’s all the more impetus to incorporating bikes into county transportation policy.

Aruna Miller, aside from her MCDOT post,  is one of the three elected state delegates representing District 15 (western Montgomery County).  In that role, she introduced a bill to repeal automatic prohibitions against sidewalk riding (though it didn’t pass).

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