Jun 292012

Dan Reid wrote this informative post in Greater Greater Washington about the ICC trail, with a special focus on the recently built Rt. 29 segment.  That mile-long segment, which runs along 29 from Fairland Road to Briggs Chaney Road, is a great trail though it has limited east-west value (notwithstanding it’s designation as part of the ICC trail) and will probably get no recreational use in any direction. Google Maps doesn’t show the trail on its trail overlay yet, but here’s the alignment.

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Jun 292012

On Friday, Congress will did vote on a “compromise” transportation reauthorization bill that would does drastically cut funds provided to local jurisdictions for bike and pedestrian projects.  I assume regret to say that the bill will did pass. According to America Bikes: Congress will vote on a new transportation bill that reverses years of progress on biking and walking policy and cuts by 60 to 70 percent funding for local safety projects such as sidewalks, crosswalks, and bike lanes. There’s more from that synopsis here.  Here is their detailed analysis. Prior years’ transportation bills always included funding for “transportation enhancements”.  That’s funding provided by the federal government to the states who in turn are required to award it to local […]

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Jun 272012
Illinois memorial markers, dooring data and three-foot law

Reckless Driving Memorial Program Illinois has legally mandated program in which the family of a crash victim may request a blue marker that says “Reckless Driving Costs Lives” to be posted at the site of a fatal crashes caused by reckless driving.   The markers may commemorate: …one or more persons who died as a proximate result of a crash caused by a driver who committed an act of reckless homicide in violation of Section 9-3 or 9-3.2 of the Criminal Code of 1961 or who otherwise caused the death of one or more persons through the operation of a motor vehicle. Relatives are not to place other items at the crash site, but that doesn’t stop friends from doing […]

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Jun 242012
A few spines short of a skeleton

Montgomery County intends to put bike route signs along so-called “spine routes“, i.e. long routes for bikes that allow travel to other parts of the county as well as to key destinations like town centers or Metro.   Each spine route will have a start and finish, a set of mileposts and ultimately a number or other designator (once we figure out a designation system).  Rockville has a similar system of routes within the city limits, and has already posted signs along them. An original spine route concept for the county was developed by MoBike and MCBAG and includes many routes (probably too many).  The routes are generally meant to be roadways or high quality trails (Capital Crescent Trail), but sometimes […]

Jun 232012
Lake Frank trail connector almost finished

The Lake Frank trail connector is almost done!  [June 25th update: It IS done].  It will connect the Rock Creek Trail (north of Rt. 28) to Lake Frank in Derwood.  The paved trail was planned for years but just as it was about to be built, some residents in a nearby neighborhood launched an opposition campaign.  They insisted on an alternative route where the trail would be further from their homes but much more expensive and environmentally impactive to build.  Fortunately logic prevailed and the trail was approved for construction in the planned location. The trail will eventually be the southernmost segment of the Lake Frank Trail which will follow along the east side of the lake to the Meadowside […]