Jul 262012

Maryland just announced that the following Montgomery County projects will be funded under the state’s bikeways program for 2013: Clopper Road sidepath closing gaps in Germantown ($100,000) River Road sidepath west of Potomac. Grant funding contingent on ROW acquisition by Montgomery County ($100,000) Woodglen Drive bike lanes and sidepath in White Flint ($100,000) .  From Edson Lane to Nicholson Lane.  Sidepath will be a segment of the Bethesda Trolley Trail.  The southbound bike lane will be sharrows instead. The state also identified a Gaithersburg project as a grant recipient, described here by the Gaithersburg planning director: The Maryland Department of Transportation has approved $16,000 in reimbursable grant funding for the Assessment of the Gaithersburg Bicycle Loop along I-270, which will explore […]

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Jul 172012

The July meeting of MCBAG is this Thursday July 19th at 7 pm in Rockville.  The location rotates between Gaithersburg and Rockville.  This one’s in Rockville. Agenda is here.   Projects that will be discussed: Capital Crescent Trail surface project on Bethesda Avenue (Woodmont Avenue to Wisconsin Avenue).  Presented by M-NCPPC ‘s David Anspacher and Neil Braunstein. Executive Blvd shoulders in North Bethesda Woodglen Drive/Edson Lane issues in North Bethesda Clopper Road shared use path in Germantown Germantown bike rack at Germantown Transit Center MEETING DETAILS: Rockville MCBAG meetings are in the tall Executive Office Building, 101 Monroe Street, Rockville. Enter from the lower level entrance off Monroe Street.  Ring the buzzer to the left of the door and tell them […]

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Jul 162012

From Courtland Milloy’s column in the Washington Post today: Well look who’s back: the Fenty brigade, led by true believers of former D.C. mayor Adrian Fenty. Among them are my nemeses — whom I have referred to before as myopic twitsbecause of their inability to see that dog parks, bike paths and cupcake parlors do not make a “world-class city.” So yet another pundit or politician has trivialized bike facilities (he probably means bike lanes) by lumping them in with the most frivolous-sounding improvements he could think of.  Such tripe is usually reserved for Republicans.  This is from a Heritage Foundation article: [States’] limited resources are diverted from urgent infrastructure projects to so-called enhancements, such as flower plantings, bicycle and […]

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Jul 142012

Here’s a Gazette article on the proposed shared use path sidewalk along the east side of Wisconsin Avenue (MD 355) in Bethesda/Chevy Chase.   Most nearby residents appear to support the project, but some do not.  The Little Falls Watershed Alliance “opposes this sidewalk as the environmental impact is too great for our fragile watershed. ”   Conservation Montgomery seems to be taking a neutral position on the project. September 4th update: See the later CycleMoco post which has a newer design. According to the Gazette article: The 8-foot-wide [sic] sidewalk on Wisconsin Avenue between Grafton Street and Bradley Lane would accommodate pedestrians, bicyclists and disabled users, said David Buck, a spokesman for SHA. It would be approximately 0.7 miles in […]

Jul 082012
A plethora of bikeway design standards

This post updated March 29, 2013 to reflect new standards documents. Have you ever wanted to know the proper width of a bike lane, the maximum safe grade of a shared use path, or the correct configuration of bike lane lines painted in an intersection? Several bike-oriented standards and guides answer such questions, published at the federal, state, county and city levels.  Also some independent organizations publish guides for bikeway design and overall urban design. Here are documents at the national level that bike advocates should be familiar with: The definitive nationwide guide to bike facility design is 2012 Guide for the Development of Bicycle Facilities, published by AASHTO.  Unfortunately it costs $144 for either a print or online copy […]

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