Jul 262012

Maryland just announced that the following Montgomery County projects will be funded under the state’s bikeways program for 2013:

The state also identified a Gaithersburg project as a grant recipient, described here by the Gaithersburg planning director:

The Maryland Department of Transportation has approved $16,000 in reimbursable grant funding for the Assessment of the Gaithersburg Bicycle Loop along I-270, which will explore the feasibility of developing a path on the east side of the NIST campus along I-270…  The path would link MD 117 to Muddy Branch Rd. and provide alternate routing to avoid crossing a major on-ramp to SB I-270.  The City will be responsible for $4,000 in matching funds for this project. This was one of the projects discussed at the Transportation Committee’s update to the M&CC last year.

Also see the state’s press release announcing the grants and their list of projects receiving funding under the grants.

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