Sep 042012
Wisconsin Avenue "Green Mile" Path - new design

There is an updated design of the “Green Mile” shared use path along MD 355 (Wisconsin Ave.) north of Friendship Heights.  The design isn’t final by any means, but it’s been updated to address concerns over tree removal expressed by the Little Falls Watershed Alliance (LFWA).  The State Highway Administration (SHA) is still calling it a sidewalk, though it’s meant to be a shared use path per county master plan.  See the links at the bottom of this post for the design diagrams. A very serious problem with the new design is that the path would only be 5′ wide with no buffer separating it from Wisconsin Ave. for the southernmost 250 feet of the project (from Grafton St. to […]

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Sep 012012
Trail Typology

Years ago, American planners decided to divide bikeways into three types: Class I: Off-road paths  (aka bike paths, shared use paths, or multi-use paths) Class II: On-road bike lanes Class III: Shared roadways This categorization implied that off-road paths were superior to bike lanes, and that bike lanes were superior to roads without bike lanes.  Maybe that was the thinking at the time.  But it’s well accepted now that shared use paths carry risks of their own and are not suitable for all cyclists at all times.    So in Montgomery County planners now use the terms “shared use path”, “bike lanes”, and “signed shared roadway” (SSR), respectively.   The terms Class I, II, and III aren’t inaccurate, just out of common […]