Feb 182013

Be context-appropriate: Cycle tracks in New York City (photo by Dan Reed)

The Montgomery County Sierra Club has just published a superb bike statement outlining changes needed to support biking in the county.  A printable version (as of Jan. 28 2013) is here.

These are the six points made in the 5-page statement (my paraphrasing):

  1. Make a complete network: The statement recommends connecting bike lanes to major destinations and completing facilities such as the Bethesda Trolley Trail, Capital Crescent Trail, ICC Trail and routes parallel to arterials like Georgia Ave.
  2. Be context-appropriate: It recommends providing a context-appropriate variety of facilities such as bike lanes, sharrows, cycle tracks, bicycle boulevards and grade-separated trails.
  3. Provide comfort: It recommends providing multiple route options, wayfinding signs, secure bike parking, meeting plazas and good trail maintenance.
  4. Safety: It recommends facilities that are well-lit, well-designed, well-maintained and visible from public areas to enhance security.
  5. Engage the public: It recommends making community members part of the bike planning process and showing that bicyclists are valued by the county.
  6. Education: It recommends educating the public about bike rules, responsibilities and safety through the driver licensing process and youth education in schools.

Thank you Sierra Club!  The organization plans to hold an event introducing the statement soon.

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