Sep 222013

The Montgomery County Parks Department is seeking public comments on  its new Rock Creek Trail Signage Plan and Trail Signage Design Manual.  Comments must be submitted to the Parks Dept. by September 30th.  The Rock Creek Trail Signage Plan identifies a comprehensive set of signs to be posted along the Rock Creek Trail.  The accompanying Trail Signage Design Manual will be used as a standard for future hard surface trail signage projects.   To submit comments or ask questions, contact Lucas Bonney, Project Manager, at or 301-495-2572.

According to the Parks Department, the effort is 50% complete, and…

Community comments on the proposed signage types are being solicited during the month of September 2013 in anticipation of briefing the Montgomery County Planning Board on the status of the project in October 2013.  New signage is planned to be installed along the Rock Creek Trail during late Fall 2013 / Winter 2014.

Question:  Do you prefer green signs or brown signs?  The Parks Department hasn’t decided yet (some diagrams show both).  Existing bike route signs along roads are green.

Not all signs are available for review yet, nor are the full documents.  When this goes before the Planning Board I will let them know that the community needs to be able to review all the material.  Just the images of the most important signs are available for review:

1. Trail gateway signs.  These are placed where users enter a particular trail.  The signs available for review at this time are:

2. Wayfinding signs – Indicate direction and mileages to important destinations.  If placed at intersections, they indicate destinations in each direction.  If placed between intersections, they indicate destinations ahead.

3. Trail warning signs – Alert trail users to sharp turns, steep slopes, limited visibility, dangerous crossings, etc.

4. Signs at road/trail intersections – Alert drivers to trail crossing, etc.

5. Regulatory signs

Not available for review yet are:

  • Mileage markers.  These are proposed for every one-half mile along the trail.
  • Trail etiquette signs.
  • Trail detour signs.

I generally like these designs.  The wayfinding signs are very similar to the signs MoBike and MCBAG worked out with MCDOT for bike routes on roads.. Great minds think alike!

More information, including schedule, is on the project web page at .  To submit comments or ask questions, please contact Lucas Bonney, Project Manager, at or 301-495-2572.

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