Mar 302015

The Carl Henn Millennium Trail along East Gude Drive is a notably unsafe and unappealing section of that well-used trail.  But it would be much improved if the county could convert it into a legitimate two-way cycle track with a separate sidewalk (like on Woodglen Drive in White Flint).  More realistically, it could be reconfigured as a sort of pseudo-cycle track that permits pedestrian use.

Two problems contribute to the lack of safety on the Millennium Trail between Rockville Pike and Norbeck Road:

  • Lack of a safety buffer or barrier between the trail and the street
  • Many busy driveway crossings, often in very close proximity to each other

As shown here, there simply isn’t enough separation between the trail and the street:

Multiple driveways to the same businesses could be combined:

Gas station entrances could be made safer through better pavement markings and signs:

The Millennium Trail is an important route for cyclists riding north and south through upper Rockville but want to avoid Rockville Pike.  It’s especially useful for riders coming from Gaithersburg via Crabbs Branch Way who want to reach downtown Rockville or use the Rock Creek Trail to continue south.

Perhaps the most feasible option is to upgrade the trail to look like a two-way cycle track (though still a shared use path), borrowing key features that generally make two-way cycle tracks safer than sidepaths.  Those features would include:

  • A barrier or buffer between the trail and the street
  • Prominent green painted crosswalks
  • Reduced number and width of commercial driveway crossings
  • Possibly a center line
  • Prominent signs and markings

Separating bikes and pedestrians would be ideal, but then you’d have to figure out where to put the sidewalk.  It would be difficult to find room for a buffer between cars and bikes, let alone a separate pedestrian facility.  In any case, possibly part of the roadway could serve as a safety buffer from cars, by adding a shoulder or even relocating the curb.  At one point the county was considering a road project to improve East Gude Drive, which would provide a good opportunity to make changes of that nature.


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  2 Responses to “Millennium Trail as a cycle track?”

  1. I would like to call to your attention a blog entry from June 2014 on the site ( blog contains several statements regarding the problems with 2-way cycle tracks including reference to an OECD study.

    This part of Gude Drive definitely needs improvement, but is a 2-way cycle track the right solution?

    • Thanks. I’m familiar with the Copenhagenize article and I’m not a big fan of two-way cycle tracks either, for all the reasons cited in the article. I suggest it here only as an implementation of the existing shared use path. Because the path is on one side of the street and bidirectional, I think the cycletrack would also have to be on one side and bidirectional. I see it as an improved path. In any case, providing one-way cycle tracks (one on each side of the street) would be quite difficult, since space is constrained on the north side of the street. I just don’t see how it could be done without huge expense.

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