Oct 052018

The 2018 draft of the Montgomery County Bicycle Master Plan is located right here.  Follow the two “Download” links on that page to see the main document and the appendices that make up the plan.  See also the plan map.

PEPCO trail issue

For a full discussion of the PEPCO trail issue raised by Montgomery Bicycle Advocates, see here.

The official public comment period on the plan is over, but you can still let the Council know your concerns as long as you don’t wait too long (mid to late October to be safe).  The Council is now conducting worksessions to decide on any changes to the plan.  Then they’ll approve and adopt the plan and it will become official.  You can send any concerns to the County Council via email at county.council@montgomerycountymd.gov.  For more Council contact info, see the full Council web page here.

  2 Responses to “The Montgomery County Bicycle Master Plan (2018 Planning Board Draft)”

  1. Please include the full PEPCO trail in the Bicycle Master Plan, including the paved segment to Westlake Drive. A link between Germantown Recreational Park and Cabin John Park would be invaluable for recreation as well as bicycle commuting. To join these two amazing parks would be an incredible accomplishment for MoCo. The detour with 2 busy at grade crossings and driveways is not suitable for this family friendly type of trail. Please don’t don’t give up on the last mile. There are work arounds and solutions for the steep grade. A paved trail (with a parallel unpaved path?) should be possible with some thought and creativity. Please include a quality link between the two parks, not just a detour. As a retired MoCo resident, I am spending more and more time on MoCo bike trails and less time driving to destinations. Keep making MoCo one of the best places in the country to bike! Thanks for listening.

    • Thank you for writing! Good news: The County Council voted to include the missing mile of the PEPCO trail in the Bicycle Master Plan! I know they were impressed by letters from citizens like you urging them to support it. It made the difference. They even made this trail a “Tier 1” priority, meaning it’s considered high priority. The Planning Board should never have tried to omit this segment from the plan. But we’re grateful to the Council for overruling them.

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