Nov 152011

On Thursday November 17th there will be a public hearing on possible changes to the design of the Capital Crescent Trail next to the Purple Line rail line.  The Montgomery County Planning Board  is taking public testimony.  You can sign up to testify in person or you can submit written comments.  For a full description of the issues and proposed changes, see the Planning Department staff report prepared for the hearing.   For information on how to testify, see the Board’s agenda page  (the trail is agenda item 3). The most critical issues are: Will the trail still pass through the existing tunnel under Wisconsin Avenue, and if not, what route will it follow?  To keep the trail in the tunnel […]

Oct 142011
Maryland survey of cyclists - check it out

Maryland is conducting a bicycle user survey to learn more about bicyclists in Maryland. Go to It asks where cyclists go, what conditions they prefer and what routing tools they use. It’s a fun and useful survey. And there’s a prize drawing! The survey is sponsored by CycleMaryland, a Maryland program promoting bike tourism. The state sees trails and touring as economically beneficial. P.S. Cool logo (below). P.P.S. CycleMaryland sounds suspiciously like CycleMoco.

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