Mar 012013
The Bike Helmet Challenge

Here’s the Bike Helmet Challenge. 1. Spend a week driving your car with a bike helmet with you.  To make it easy, you don’t actually have to wear the helmet.  Of course wearing the helmet might call attention to the irony of not requiring helmets for the biggest cause of head injury deaths in the U.S. (driving) or to the mussed hair problem. But for this challenge, you just have to keep the helmet with you in the car. 2. But when you get to your destination, you can’t leave the helmet in the car.  You have to take it with you. You don’t have to have it with you at every moment… if you’re at work you can keep […]

Dec 142011
Three foot law jersey

You can buy it here: Maybe the relevant law in the Maryland Code should be printed on the back in fine print: Transportation § 21-1209 (a): (2) When overtaking a bicycle, an EPAMD, or a motor scooter, pass safely at a distance of not less than 3 feet, unless, at the time: (i) The bicycle, EPAMD, or motor scooter rider fails to operate the vehicle in conformance with § 21-1205(a) of this subtitle (“Riding to right side of roadway”) or § 21-1205.1(b) of this subtitle (“Roadway with bike lane or shoulder paved to smooth surface”); (ii) A passing clearance of less than 3 feet is caused solely by the bicycle, EPAMD, or motor scooter rider failing to maintain a steady course; or […]