Jan 102015
MoBike position on cycle tracks

Statement by MoBike (Montgomery Bicycle Advocates) on cycle tracks: Cycle tracks, sometimes called separated or protected bike lanes, are one of the most promising new bike facility types to be implemented in the U.S. in recent years. Because cycle tracks physically separate cyclists from car traffic, they appeal to the “interested but concerned” category of bicyclists who would ride their bikes more if they felt safer doing so. The societal benefits of getting more people using their bikes for transportation, as well as the prospect of fewer deaths and injuries, make it worthwhile to provide cycle tracks in many contexts.  However, they are not completely without drawbacks, as noted below, so their suitability should be determined on a street-by-street basis.  […]

Mar 122013

WashCycle has been reporting on this fatal crash, which occurred at the intersection of Fenton St and Silver Spring Ave in Silver Spring on Sunday evening. From the Montgomery County Police Department press feed: Detectives from the Montgomery County Police–Collision Reconstruction Unit (CRU) are investigating a fatal collision that occurred last evening in Silver Spring. Last night (March 10) at approximately 9:08 p.m., 3rd District officers and Fire & Rescue responded to the intersection of Silver Spring Avenue and Fenton Street for the report of a collision.  Preliminary investigation by patrol units indicated that the bicyclist was northbound on the sidewalk of the southbound side of Fenton Street and was approaching Silver Spring Avenue.  A 2004 Toyota Corolla was traveling […]

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Oct 262012

The Montgomery County Police Department just issued a press release about the bicycle crash on Darnestown Rd at Berryville Road that occurred Wednesday.  According to the release, The bicyclist involved in the collision has been identified as Michael Wilhelm Breithaupt, age 54, of the 3700 block of East West Highway in Chevy Chase.  Mr. Breithaupt remains in critical condition in a local hospital. The police are seeking help from the public in finding the cyclist’s car.  They say it’s likely he parked a black 1991 Jeep somewhere in Montgomery County on Wednesday morning or afternoon.  His wife thought he might have parked at Bretton Woods (near the intersection of River Road and Seneca Road) or Poolesville High School, but the […]

Aug 042012

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported on two separate incidents where cyclists were fatally struck on the same road in the same week. One speeding driver struck the rear tire of James Price‘s bike about 5 a.m. July 25 in the 7400 block of Penn Avenue. Price, 46, of Homewood, who was wearing a helmet and had his headlight and rear light operating, died about 5:30 a.m. in UPMC Presbyterian. The motorist, who was driving a white vehicle, is being sought by police. On Wednesday, Anthony Green, 47, of Wilkinsburg, was struck from behind while riding his bike about 10 p.m. [July 31] in the 7700 block of Penn Avenue in Wilkinsburg. He died Thursday. The driver who hit him and remained […]

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Jun 272012
Illinois memorial markers, dooring data and three-foot law

Reckless Driving Memorial Program Illinois has legally mandated program in which the family of a crash victim may request a blue marker that says “Reckless Driving Costs Lives” to be posted at the site of a fatal crashes caused by reckless driving.   The markers may commemorate: …one or more persons who died as a proximate result of a crash caused by a driver who committed an act of reckless homicide in violation of Section 9-3 or 9-3.2 of the Criminal Code of 1961 or who otherwise caused the death of one or more persons through the operation of a motor vehicle. Relatives are not to place other items at the crash site, but that doesn’t stop friends from doing […]

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Jun 192012

From today’s Washington Post: A scar – and lesson – carried for life When I read the June 14 Metro article “Woman killed when bike hits her put others first“, memories flooded my mind.  I remember vividly being 10 years old, riding my bicycle one hot June Saturday afternoon down a slight hill in South St. Louis, where I grew up, and seeing an elderly woman walking far ahead of me. As I had been taught, I immediately began ringing the bell on my handlebars and yelling continuously, “On your left! On your left!”  The woman must have been lost in thought, because I was almost upon her before she suddenly jerked her head around, saw me and jumped to […]

Mar 122012

Local bike advocate Steve Friedman wrote the following piece for this blog about aggressive driving on Bradley Boulevard in Bethesda and his recent experience with the Montgomery County Police Department.  Steve is a member of the Montgomery County Pedestrian, Bicycle and Traffic Safety Advisory Committee, which meets monthly and reports to the County Executive.  In fact he’s the designated bike representative on the committee. From Steve: As a regular bike commuter, I have spent time seeking out the safest yet fastest route to use on my daily ride between my home in Chevy Chase and my office on Executive Blvd.  My usual route is to take Bradley to Seven Locks Rd to Tuckerman Lane and cut through a neighborhood street […]

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Nov 262011

Around 11 a.m. on Friday, a FedEx van driver struck four bicyclists at the intersection of MacArthur Blvd and Goldsboro Road.  One rider was seriously injured.  A rider who came upon the scene said she thought the driver went through a yield or stop sign without looking.  This is from a Channel 9 story Friday: Also you can click on the “raw video” link at the end of the video (or in the article) to see some additional (but bland) video footage from the scene. The driver’s view seems to have been the same as this street view.  I wonder if he thought the two MacArthur lanes to his left were both oncoming traffic lanes, as if the grassy strip […]