Mar 082012

Montgomery County must find a replacement for its retired bike coordinator.  Here’s the job posting: Position: Bicycle Coordinator Experience: No more than 5 years.  No burned out coordinators please. Salary:  Take the salary of the average planner, then cut by 25%. Requirements:  Applicant must be able to: Bike to the office Work long hours Deal with irate drivers Educate engineers Rebut police reports Grovel for funding Convince management that bikes aren’t toys Somehow get bike advocates to work together Benefits: Satisfaction that you’ve made your community a little bit better.

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Nov 192011
Another trail crossing idea

Planners are trying to figure out how to connect the Capital Crescent Trail (on a trestle) to the Rock Creek Trail 40 feet below. Here’s my solution: Thank you Photoshop.  Actually the Planning Board recommends a switchback ramp system at a cost of $1.4M.   I’ve labeled it “switchback chosen” on this planning diagram.  “A new option” is my own (inferior) path idea, which adds about 1/3 mile for CCT users coming from the west.   Not shown is another option, putting a path along Jones Mill Road from the CCT south to the park. Jack Cochrane Chair, MoBike