Jul 162012

From Courtland Milloy’s column in the Washington Post today: Well look who’s back: the Fenty brigade, led by true believers of former D.C. mayor Adrian Fenty. Among them are my nemeses — whom I have referred to before as myopic twitsbecause of their inability to see that dog parks, bike paths and cupcake parlors do not make a “world-class city.” So yet another pundit or politician has trivialized bike facilities (he probably means bike lanes) by lumping them in with the most frivolous-sounding improvements he could think of.  Such tripe is usually reserved for Republicans.  This is from a Heritage Foundation article: [States’] limited resources are diverted from urgent infrastructure projects to so-called enhancements, such as flower plantings, bicycle and […]

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Jun 202012
Maryland’s new Traffic and Safety Director explains R4-11 guidance

On WashCycle, bike advocate Jim Titus describes the latest developments in Maryland regarding the “Bicycles May Use Full Lane” sign, known formally as sign R4-11 and pictured here.  Jim includes his interview with Cedric Ward, the newly appointed director of the State Highway Administration’s Traffic and Safety Office.   Tom Hicks, the previous director, just retired.

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May 262012

The Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA) sent an alert out a few days ago asking bicyclists to press the Montgomery County Department of Transportation to fill the vacant bike coordinator position.  As a result, many cyclists contacted MCDOT and we just received formal commitment from MCDOT that they will fill the position.  Director Art Holmes just responded with this note: Ms. Aruna Miller, MCDOT Division of Transportation Engineering is assigned as the full-time Acting Bicycle Coordinator.  Ms. Miller who has been providing support to the biking community and organization since the departure of Ms. Tait-Nouri will remain in the aforementioned position pending selection of a permanent replacement for Ms. Tait-Nouri.  This appointment is expected in the summer of 2012. Success here […]

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Feb 252012

Gail Tait-Nouri, the bicycle coordinator for the Montgomery County Department of Transportation, just retired.  She has been a tremendous boon for bicycling in the county throughout her many years of service as coordinator.  She’s advocated for cyclists within county government and served as an excellent liaison between DOT and the bike community.  And she’s never been afraid to say or do what she thinks is right. Her supervisor, Aruna Miller, is also supportive of bicycling, but she is currently on a leave of absence because she’s a state delegate serving in Annapolis for another month or so.  In the mean time DOT has assigned Robert Elder to cover for Gail as far as immediate work is concerned. (May 25 2012 update: Ms. Miller has […]

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