Feb 082014
Maryland's New Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan

The Maryland Department of Transportation just issued its new Twenty-Year Maryland Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan.  According to MDOT: The Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan establishes a 20-year vision to support cycling and walking as modes of transportation in Maryland. The Plan provides guidance and investment strategies to support cycling and walking, both on-road and off-road, as part of Maryland’s multimodal transportation network. It’s not the kind of plan that stipulates which streets will get bike lanes and where paths will be built.  Instead the plan describes the current state of affairs, identifies objectives, lays out strategies and discusses implementation.  It presents a lot of useful facts as well. The plan was released January 15, 2014.

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Feb 012013
SHA discusses Wisconsin Ave. "Green Mile" sidewalk project

Below is a report from community/bike advocate Steve Friedman on a meeting held Monday to discuss details of the Wisconsin Ave. “Green Mile” sidewalk (sidepath) project in Chevy Chase. The meeting was hosted by the Little Falls Watershed Alliance (LFWA) and attended by project staff from the Maryland State Highway Administration as well as the public. Also check out the article in the Bethesda Patch reporting on the meeting.  (The Patch erroneously states that without the new facility, cyclists must ride against the direction of traffic in the roadway.  But cyclists certainly can (and must) ride in the same direction as car traffic if using the street, with or without the project). We are referring to the proposed facility as […]

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Jun 292012

Dan Reid wrote this informative post in Greater Greater Washington about the ICC trail, with a special focus on the recently built Rt. 29 segment.  That mile-long segment, which runs along 29 from Fairland Road to Briggs Chaney Road, is a great trail though it has limited east-west value (notwithstanding it’s designation as part of the ICC trail) and will probably get no recreational use in any direction. Google Maps doesn’t show the trail on its trail overlay yet, but here’s the alignment.

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Apr 172012
Development putting Capital Crescent Trail on Bethesda Ave is approved

The Montgomery County Planning Board just approved a revised plan for the Woodmont East development in Bethesda, including the design of the Capital Crescent Trail on Bethesda Avenue.  The developer JBG was revising its development plans anyway (to incorporate more property), but changes were also needed to incorporate the trail into the Bethesda Ave streetscape, since the trail has essentially been kicked out of the tunnel. The trail will be a two-way cycletrack along the north side of Bethesda Ave from Woodmont Ave to Wisconsin Ave.   The new development will include a hotel on the north side of Bethesda Ave, so people entering the hotel will have to walk or drive across the trail.  No doubt many will stop […]

Dec 232011
ICC Trail along Needwood Road - five years if we're lucky

The ICC Trail is supposed to follow along Needwood Road, as shown below (click for larger map).  Needwood Road is the westernmost pink line and connects Shady Grove Metro station to the ICC (and then to Muncaster Mill Road).  Only a short section of the Needwood Road path exists at this time. Here is a citizen request sent to MCDOT in July: The new ICC bike trail is complete from Emory [Lane] to Needwood [Road]. There is no trail from Needwood to the Shady Grove metro stop. Is something in the works for a bike trail from Needwood to the Shady Grove metro stop? I would utilize this everyday and would stop driving my car if this was available. This […]