Feb 182013
Montgomery County Sierra Club's excellent bike statement

The Montgomery County Sierra Club has just published a superb bike statement outlining changes needed to support biking in the county.  A printable version (as of Jan. 28 2013) is here. These are the six points made in the 5-page statement (my paraphrasing): Make a complete network: The statement recommends connecting bike lanes to major destinations and completing facilities such as the Bethesda Trolley Trail, Capital Crescent Trail, ICC Trail and routes parallel to arterials like Georgia Ave. Be context-appropriate: It recommends providing a context-appropriate variety of facilities such as bike lanes, sharrows, cycle tracks, bicycle boulevards and grade-separated trails. Provide comfort: It recommends providing multiple route options, wayfinding signs, secure bike parking, meeting plazas and good trail maintenance. Safety: […]

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Feb 082013
Bethesda route to be signed

Montgomery County DOT has finished mapping out where bike route signs will go on its upper Bethesda route.  Much of the work was just identifying the route.  The county is officially calling it the “Montgomery Mall to Downtown Bethesda route”.  They’ve already completed the design task for two other signed routes, running along the Georgia Ave. corridor and Rt. 29 corridor respectively, and signs are expected to go up this summer. These routes will likely get route numbers if the county adopts a bike route numbering system. Below is the list of turns, or see the map. Start at Bethesda Avenue/ Woodmont Avenue intersection (a block west of the Capital Crescent Trail) Head west on Bethesda Ave R on Clarendon […]

Nov 032012
Bike route signs: a matter of format

Montgomery County is preparing to post bike route signs along some long new bike routes like this one parallel to Georgia Avenue.  The county’s Bicycle Action Group (MCBAG) is weighing in on the routes, sign placement and sign format.  The routes will typically be 5 to 8 miles long. Please look at the wayfinding sign formats here on NACTO’s excellent website.   It shows what other jurisdictions have done. Based on signs the county has already installed, we (MCBAG) are recommending the following basic format where each sign has up to three panels per post. Top Panel: Just a bike symbol and the words “BIKE ROUTE” Middle Panel: Big arrow(s) pointing along the main route.  This panel is omitted if […]

Oct 212012
What is the best Georgia Avenue corridor bike route?

What is the best way to bike in the Georgia Avenue corridor from the Matthew Henson Trail crossing to Forest Glen Road?  As with the proposed Rt. 29 corridor route, Montgomery County DOT is planning to post bike route signs along the best Georgia Avenue corridor route and is asking the cycling community for input.  The goal is to sign a network of routes criss-crossing the county.  The only route they’ve signed so far runs from Potomac to Colesville via Tuckerman Lane and Plyers Mill Road among other streets.  Cyclists following the routes are expected to be comfortable riding on secondary streets or roads with shoulders or wide lanes. The county proposes two Georgia Avenue corridor routes, one connecting to […]

Oct 182012
WABA and MoBike's recommendations to support BikeShare

WABA and MoBike just presented their list of recommendations of needed bike improvements in Bethesda, Silver Spring, Takoma Park and Friendship Heights to help BikeShare fulfill its tremendous promise in Montgomery County.   The improvements are designed to encourage people to use bikes as transportation.  They include bike lanes, intersection changes, road diets (lane or parking removal), sharrows (shared lane markings) and off-road paths.  Bike lanes may be positioned next to traffic (traditional bike lanes) or separated from traffic (buffered bike lanes or cycle tracks). Sharrows are a way to make existing travel lanes more hospitable to bikes, and are often accompanied by “Bikes May Use Full Lane” signs.  The recommendations also include finishing key transportation trails that have been left […]

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