Oct 182011

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The county installed bike lanes as well as traffic calming devices called bumpouts (aka bulb-outs, curb extensions, neck downs, etc.) on Calverton Boulevard sometime in the last few years. Bump-outs are locations where extra space to the right of the travel lane (usually a parking lane or shoulder) is eliminated momentarily by having the curb shift in toward the travel lane for a short stretch of road. The effect is to visually narrow the road, even if it doeesn’t narrow the travel lanes, which tends to slow drivers down. They may be mixed with traffic islands which have the same effect and aid pedestrians.

Calverton Blvd bike lanes

Calverton Blvd. bike lanes with bumpouts

Calverton Blvd. has the following features:

  • Bike lanes with a door zone issue. I don’t have the widths but I remember something like 7′ for parking and 5′ for bike lanes.
  • Bumpouts where the bike lanes go either through a slot in the bumpout or temporarily onto a sidewalk specially provided for bicyclists.

Photos are posted here of the bike lanes and various bumpout and island treatments.

Jack Cochrane

Chair, MoBike

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