Oct 142011

Here is MoBike’s testimony submitted to the Montgomery County Council on the Kensington Sector Plan. The plan is part of the county master plan and it will govern development and transportation in Kensington for years to come. The plan provides almost exclusively on-road bikeways, either shoulders or wide outside lanes or calm streets. The only proposed bike lanes are not feasible. The only shared use path – on Connecticut Ave. – is a path in name only (i.e. it’s a sidewalk).

Highlights of the testimony:

  • Add a path along Kensington Parkway as a path route to the Rock Creek Trail. The road is already safe for bicycling in the roadway.
  • Support a crossing of the railroad tracks at the MARC station (a few blocks east of Connecticut Ave.)
  • Upgrade the crossing of the railroad tracks at Connecticut Ave. (widen the narrow sidewalk)
  • Provide a better crossing of Connecticut Ave. south of the railroad tracks (preferably under Connecticut)
  • Ensure that arterials (Plyers Mill Rd., etc.) do not lose existing features that make bicycling safe (width, etc.)
  • Remove bike lanes from the plan for University Blvd. and Connecticut Ave. where they are not feasible due to constrained width

Jack Cochrane
Chair, MoBike

  3 Responses to “MoBike testimony on Kensington Sector Plan”

  1. Whats a URI?
    Under Connecticut Ave? Like at Beach Drive? Yuk! That gets really slick and muddy due to periodic Rock Creek flooding – never going under there again.

    Now an underpass, decently lit – maybe – but where? Along the train tracks?
    Saul Road? Knowles?

  2. URI? Does it ask that when you are when posting a comment? I treat it like a URL. I’m also removing the requirement that comments be moderated, but first I have to make sure my anti-spam tool is working.

  3. I think it is slick and too narrow under Conn Ave too

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