Dec 032011

Montgomery County DOT sponsored a public meeting Tuesday night to discuss its proposed bike sharing program.   Montgomery County bikeshare would be compatible with CaBi in D.C. and Arlington.  The county hopes to install a total of 70 bikeshare stations with 600 bikes.   It intends to put 50 of these stations and 400 bikes near the Metro Red Line, in areas where the bikes would get a lot of use such as Bethesda and Silver Spring.  To fund these stations the county is seeking a state bikeshare grant (some of which is CMAQ funds) which could cover 80% of program costs.   The county is working with Rockville to put 20 bikeshare stations and 200 bikes in the Rockville/Shady Grove Metro area.  These stations, paid for by a $1.3 million federal JARC grant, are definitely coming.  JARC funds improvements that help lower income people make reverse commutes, so that will influence station locations.

The county is asking the public to help decide where stations will go.  Recommend your favorite locations on this crowd-sourcing page.

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