Jan 152012

Montgomery County has a transportation blog which is actually quite useful if you want to track what the county’s up to.

The blog has its quirks.  For example, what kind of URL is this?   http://www.montgomerycountymd.gov/apps/News/Blog/pioBlog.asp?blogID=17 .

[June 2012 note:  After 6 months the URL has changed and doesn’t lead to the blog any more].

The URL is not very memorable.   The blog also has no search capability.  I’ll have to tell their webmaster. (Actually the county’s website is pretty good).

The blog falls under Go Montgomery!, a county program that includes various projects.  It seems like an attempt at branding, but it doesn’t have a very good URL either.  There seems to be a county policy against good URLs, so I bought www.bikemontgomery.com and pointed it to the county’s bikeway page.  Then the county started printing that URL on its bike maps!  Go figure.

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