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Here’s a break-down of bike projects in the county executive’s proposed 2013-2018 capital budget (CIP).  This doesn’t include items in the operating budget (such as maintenance and sweeping) and doesn’t include paths built as part of new or improved roads. (This table is a slight revision of the original post, reflecting these corrections).

Project/program FY13 FY14 FY15-18 Change Comment More info
Annual Bikeway Program 500K 500K 500K per year Cut by 9% – Save this program! Funds small projects and studies.  Very important, cost-effective.  Website
Metropolitan Branch Trail 0 0 0 Removed from budget (was $12M) – Need to restore it! Link CCT via bridge across Ga. Ave. to existing MBT by Mont. College. County says it will still build it. Various issues must be resolved first.  DOT Docs / Articles
Falls Road east side hiker/biker path 0 0 0 Removed from budget (delayed 6+ years) 4 mile sidepath from River Rd to Rockville.  Project likely dead due to cost ($22M)
Frederick Road bike path 280K 0 0 One year delay Sidepath in front of school in Clarksburg.  Uses state aid.
 DOT docs / Article
MacArhur Blvd bikeway improvements 2.0M 4.6M 0.9M One year delay Segment 2 of 3 (1st to be built) of shoulder and sidepath upgrades.  2.5 mi.  DOT docs
Bethesda bikeway and pedestrian facilities 0 0 01.1M Pushed out from FY13 to FY15+ CCT surface route along Bethesda Ave, Willow Lane.  On hold for Lot 31 garage, probably til FY15.
Needwood Road bikepath – initial study/design 300K 80K TBD New item Connect Lake Needwood to the ICC Trail.
Silver Spring Green Trail 0 0 0 Put on hold (was $5M) Sidewalk “trail” on Wayne Ave. in downtown S.S. Will use state TE money.  Will build when Purple Line is built ~FY16.
Magruder Branch Trail extension 0 0 2.6M Delayed 2 years Hard surface trail near Damascus.  Done by FY18.  Budget
Trails: Hard surface design and construction 300K 300K 300K per year None M-NCPPC annual spending on misc. new trail footage  Budget
Black Hill trail renovation and extension 0 0 0 Finished Upgrade/extend Germantown lakeside trail  Budget


The item in the budget called Facility Planning – Transportation covers initial study and design of projects lumped together until costs are better known.   There’s no guarantee they’ll ever be built.  Bike projects are:

Project Comment Year
Bradley Blvd. bikeway Wilson Lane to Goldsboro Rd.  Some public meetings have been held. FY13-14
Goldsboro Rd. bikeway MacArthur Blvd to River Rd.  Probably just widening shoulder, if it ever happens. FY13-14
MacArthur Blvd  bikeway improvements segment 3 Third of three segments of improved path/shoulder (second to be built) FY13-14
NIH circulation and North Bethesda Trail [sic] extension Extend BTT in front of NIH, north of Cedar Lane (I think).  Name is Bethesda Trolley Trail, not North Bethesda Trail. FY13-14
Seven Locks Road sidewalk/bikeway (Montrose Rd – Bradley Blvd) Full bike lanes and sidepath. Expensive. Some public meetings have been held. FY13-14
River Road bike path Not sure if this is technically in Facility Planning, but it’s being designed.  Hearing was held February 2012. Fills missing gap in River Road path between Falls Rd and Swains Lock  FY13-14
MacArthur Blvd bikeway improvements segment 1 First of three segments (but last to be built) of improved path/shoulder FY15-18
Wisconsin Ave (MD 355) Bike Path (Bradley La – Oliver St) Sidepath south of Bethesda FY15-18


I extracted all this information from county’s capital budget documents.  It’s a lot of typing so if you find any errors let me know!

  4 Responses to “The Montgomery County bike budget in gory detail”

  1. This summary is laid out very well and is more understandable than going to individual CIP pages however, I am holding my breath on anything in Clarksburg. I think this money is for facility planning on the trail and that the actual construction will be done when the developers actually start building and selling houses as any trail put in now will be torn up by the construction equipment between Brink Road and the the high school and the school and Stringtown Road. No one knows how the trail will cross the creek at the bottom of the hill on 355 since there is a narrow bridge that will have to be widened.

  2. Black Hill Park Trail looks great and Parks should be commended on this. Nice wide trail and has benches and a nice overlook of Little Seneca Lake.

  3. I just made some minor fixes in this blog entry including a few wording changes. I made no substantive changes to the tables.

  4. I also removed the finish date for Frederick Road bike path per Lynne’s comment.

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