May 092012

In case you didn’t already know, the county’s request for bikeshare funding from the state was approved!

According to the Montgomery Gazette:

The Maryland Department of Transportation has granted Montgomery County’s Department of Transportation $1.008 million for a proposed bikeshare program in the downcounty areas of Friendship Heights, Bethesda, Medical Center, Takoma Park and Silver Spring.

In addition, during its regular session, the Maryland legislature approved a bill that will provide a $250,000 bond for the construction and capital equipment of the downcounty bikeshare program. The grant and bond will help pay for a portion of the construction and equipment costs for 50 bikeshare docking stations and 350 bikes, according to the county.

The total cost for stations and bikes is estimated at $2.15 million.

In addition to state aid, Montgomery County has also received $252,000 in private sector funding commitments toward the cost of bikesharing stations, pending assurance that the bikeshare network will be established.

That’s almost verbatim from the county’s press release, which also points out that bikeshare is already moving forward under a separate grant in the Rockville/Shady Grove area:

Last year, Montgomery County received funding for 20 bikeshare stations and 200 bikes in the Rockville and Shady Grove/Life Sciences Center area through a Federal Transit Administration Job Access Reverse Commute Grant to serve low income reverse commuters and job trainees.

Recommend where you would like to see bikeshare stations (under these grants) on this crowd-sourcing page.

The Rockville and downcounty bikeshare programs will be operated by Capital Bikeshare and be fully compatible with the existing D.C. program.

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