Feb 242014

Five County Council members have signed on to a letter by Roger Berliner asking for a cost estimate of clearing snow on the Capital Crescent Trail, with an eye towards covering it in the county operating budget this year.  This is something cyclists have been requesting for years, but the requests (like bikes in the snow) never got much traction.   The letter is directed to county DOT and the Parks Department, though the latter department owns the trail.

Also, Councilmember Hans Riemer has asked DOT to draft a plan for better snow removal from sidewalks.  Forcing pedestrians to walk in the street because plows have dumped snow onto sidewalks is unacceptable.  A local pedestrian was killed in recent years doing this.  If they can’t find a place to put snow, close a lane of the street.

  2 Responses to “Council members support CCT and sidewalk snow removal”

  1. Not on topic – apologies – I’d like to get involved in advocacy but am surprised there’s no Facebook page for MDOT Bikeways Action Group, where I could get news on the group in my news feed. Have I overlooked it?

  2. Montgomery Co. DOT’s Bicycle Action Group (aka MCBAG) doesn’t have a big web presence, and in fact it’s home page takes some effort to find on the county’s website. My attempts to link to it are thwarted because they occasionally change the URL, but usually http://www.bikemontgomery.com points to it. They have monthly meetings at the Executive Office Building in Rockville.

    If you’re thinking of MoBike, that’s a citizens’ advocacy group not affiliated with DOT. I’m chair of MoBike and it website is http://www.mobike.org. Our forum is at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/montgomerybike where I often post the latest news.

    Neither of these is on Facebook. As “webmaster”, I find it hard enough as it is to maintain a blog, website and forum! But thanks for asking.

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